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Our Comprehensive Approach to Mold Prevention

Written Resources

Every Clearity engagement begins with the development of a written Control of Moisture & Mold Prevention (COMMP®) Program. COMMP® manuals are customized to the needs of the client and include:

  • background information about microbial contamination,

  • relevant industry guidelines & prevention techniques,

  • details about inspection timing & procedures,

  • clearance & acceptance criteria, and

  • response procedures that will be instituted should moisture or mold growth be detected on site.

Monthly  Inspections

Monthly inspections begin prior to installation of insulation and drywall. The goal is to identify and eliminate potential water sources to prevent mold growth. In addition to indoor air quality monitoring, Clearity utilizes non-destructive moisture testing methods to ensure that organic building materials are moisture and mold free.  


COMMP® Programs also provide for training of Superintendents and Project Managers to equip them to investigate, identify, and manage water intrusion as a matter of course in their site management duties. The training session provides information about how to identify and manage a moisture problem to prevent mold.

Mold-Free Certification

With clear, concise reports and careful inspection protocols, the Clearity team can confidently approach a final inspection after construction is complete. A thorough investigation begins with visual assessment and basic measurements of indoor air temperature and  humidity.


Pre-occupancy certification will support Mold-Free Certification of the building that includes documentation of monthly inspections and detailed sampling results for each floor of the completed building.

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