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Clearity provides the following mold-related services:

  • Inspections and Testing: visual inspections, air testing, surface dust testing, Wall-Chek sampling, and culture samples

  • Remediation: project design, contractor management and oversight, and clearance testing

  • COMMP® Programs – training, awareness, inspections & certification to assure that buildings do not suffer mold colonization as a result of water intrusion


Our unique Control of Moisture & Mold Prevention (COMMP®) program offers a systematic approach to mold prevention. ​General construction contractors, hotel managers, property managers & building owners who work with Clearity to develop and implement a COMMP® program are eligible to receive certification of a mold-free building.

Our experienced team supports client compliance with EPA Guidance and ANSI/IICRC S520, which provide guidance for conducting mold investigations & remediation. Clearity moisture & mold related services meet the highest, most stringent industry guidance to protect human health and client liability. 

Mold Prevention: Services
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